Pricing Policies at CPA WorldTax

CPA WorldTax fees are based upon the time our professionals spend upon your tax situation. Obviously more complex tax situations are more time consuming, with higher fees. We invoice clients for the total time spent on their tax situation, including time spent on answering emails or phone calls, client meetings, correspondence and researching tax questions.

CPA WorldTax charges an Administration and Technology fee of 3.5% of our fees charged.

We do require a retainer for new clients. After the initial project, no additional retainers will be required, except for special projects or for slow pay accounts. Interest of 2% PER MONTH will be charged on overdue accounts. We send out invoices at the end of the month after service is rendered, but we may progress bill in certain situations.

At CPA WorldTax we answer your questions promptly, whether it be through email, a telephone call, or a face-to-face meeting. We have the expertise to research the toughest tax questions so you can stay in compliance with tax authorities. And we do all of this while being upfront with our professional fees for our services.

Steps to becoming a client at CPA WorldTax:
Access the Schedule Consultation or Contact Us page on this website. After we review your tax situation, we will prepare a fee estimate for services A retainer for one half of the fee estimate is required to begin tax preparation. The remainder of the invoice is due upon completion of services. Any unused retainer will be refunded within 30 days of completion of services.

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