Average Fees for Canadian Individuals

Below are average fees in USD to prepare various Canadian tax returns. CPA WorldTax will assess your tax situation and customize this fee estimate to your situation.

Be sure to visit the Pricing Policies page for an overview of CPA WorldTax fee policies. CPA WorldTax invoices based upon time spent on a return.

At CPA WorldTax we do realize that it is difficult to find  a Canadian tax preparer in the United States. It is especially difficult to find a Canadian tax preparer who also knows the inter-relationship between your Canadian and U.S. tax returns (honestly, that is hard to find in Canada!).



Fee in USD


T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return



T1 Date of Departure Income Tax and Benefit Return –for year of departure from Canada



T1 Date of Entry Income Tax and Benefit Return-for year of entry to Canada


Section 115

T1 for Non-Resident Aliens of Canada with Canadian Source Income


Section 216

Return for Non-Resident Aliens of Canada with Rental Income



Request by a Non-Resident Alien of Canada for a Certificate of Compliance Related to the Disposition of Taxable Canadian Property



T1 Adjustment Request



Old Age Security Return of Income


Plus Spouse on all Returns above add $100-$200

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