CPA WorldTax Areas of Expertise for
U.S. Businesses:

  • Consultation on the best structure of your small business to minimize your tax liability while maximizing your flexibility.
  • Preparation of sole proprietorship or LLC (Form Schedule C).
  • Preparation of partnership and LLC Tax Returns (Form 1065).
  • Preparation of S Corporation Tax Returns (1120-S).
  • Preparation of C Corporation Tax Returns (1120).
  • Sale, merger and acquisition planning and consultation.

Tax Planning and Preparation
For U.S. Businesses

Starting a small business can be overwhelming. And one of the hardest areas is determining the best structure for your business for a tax and organizational planning perspective.

CPA WorldTax has the background and expertise to help you with the planning you need, whether you are just starting out as a sole owner or you have grown into a multi-million dollar company.

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