CPA WorldTax Areas of Expertise for
Canadian Individuals:

  • T1 Income Tax Returns
    • DOD-Date of Departure,
    • DOE-Date of Entry
    • Non-Resident 115 Return
  • Income Tax Return –Section 216 (Rental Property in Canada).
  • T2062&T2062-A-Request for Certificate Compliance (Sale of Canadian property).
  • Responding to Processing Reviews, NOAs and NORs from CRA.
  • T1adj as needed.

Tax Planning and Preparation
For Canadian Individuals

At CPA WorldTax we realize it is just about impossible to find a Canadian tax preparer in the United States. Whether you just moved to the U.S. and need to file your Date of Departure (DOD) T1 Canadian Tax Return, or you own rental property in Canada and need to file a 216 return, CPA WorldTax is here to help!

CPA WorldTax has the expertise regarding the inter-relationships between Canadian tax law, U.S. tax law and the U.S. –Canada Tax Treaty to handle all of your cross-border tax needs.

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