Average Fees for Not-for-Profit Organizations

CPA WorldTax has average fees based upon different 990 filing requirements listed below. 

CPA WorldTax will evaluate your filing requirements. Then CPA WorldTax will prepare a fee estimate based upon the organization’s filing requirements, complexity and volume of transactions. 

Be sure to visit the Pricing Policies page for an overview of CPA WorldTax’s fee policies. CPA WorldTax invoices based upon time spent on a return.

Additional complexity, higher volume, services not specified below and/or tax research are billed at our standard hourly rates.



Fee in USD

990-N (e-postcard)

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement For Small Exempt Organizations



Short Form Return for Organizations Exempt from Income Tax



Return for Organization Exempt from Income Tax



US Income Tax Return for Estate and Trusts


**CPA WorldTax will help you evaluate whether your organization may file 990-N only.  If your organization can file the 990-N, CPA WorldTax will guide you on how to file.  Any fees will be based upon time spent.

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